Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Quednau-Hindman House Looking Pretty all in Yellow at the History Park in Punta Gorda

The Quednau Hindman House was relocated from Goldstein Street to the History Park over a year ago.  The cottage was originally built for the Quednau family.   Fred Quednau, said to have been born in the house (still researching this one because dates don't jive)  was  one of three sons of a German immigrant (Fritz Quednau) who came to Punta Gorda in the late 1800s. Fred, originally a sea captain, married Belle McBean (he and Belle were the second couple to be married in the new Charlotte County). Belle often joined Fred on his sailing trips, along with their daughter Henryetta “Tosie”.

After Fred gave up his sailing, he ran a restaurant on Marian Avenue and later became Sheriff of Charlotte County. Tosie, who was born in the house and  grew up there , and frequently played in the halls of the old Punta Gorda Hotel. She married Jack Hindman, with whom she had two children. Tosie Quednau Hindman was Supervisor of Elections for over twenty years and well-known and respected in Punta Gorda. She died in 2009 in the cottage.

The house is a true Cracker ‍house with one huge middle room and smaller rooms off to the side. 

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