Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fountain of Youth? Artesian Well at Marion and Taylor

In 1908, A.P. Jordan, Publisher of  the  Punta Gorda Herald desiring publicity for  both the city and the paper, wrote that the artesian well drilled on the corner of Marion and Taylor was the famed Fountain of Youth.

The news spread and was soon believed to be truth.  A sign was placed on the fountain, telling of its ability to cure numerous internal ailments and relieve chronic pain. Pleased by the positive response of his fictional story, Jordan continued to write on the well's healing properties, quoting  community members like the former Florida Governor Gilchrist and Punta Gorda pioneer Edward Wotitzky on their health improvements being attributed to the well water.

Today while the fountain still operates, a sign warns that the water may not be safe to drink.

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