Saturday, July 12, 2014

Possibly one of the Oldest Buildings in Punta Gorda -- 756 West Marion Ave.

According to "Historic Houses and Buildings in Punta Gorda, Florida" distributed by the Punta Gorda History Society, this house was built in 1883.  Their write-up labels it Florida Land and Improvement (which makes sense as the land's owner at that time), however, it indicates that the building was built by the Consolidated Ice, Refrigerating and Fish Co.  This company according to records wasn't started under 1901 -- a puzzlement.  City records indicate a building date of 1920, but the PGHS booklet indicates that it was embellished at about that time.   The mystery goes on.   If the Ice and Fish Co. did build it that was likely to have been significantly before 1920, but not as early as 1883.   I suspect that it may have been a small one room building built by the Florida Land and Improvement Co. in the 1880s during the time that they were selling land in this area -- when Issac Trabue in fact bought the land for "Trabue" now Punta Gorda.   

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