Monday, March 21, 2011

Punta Gorda in Bloom -- Beautiful Bougainvillea Tree

Bougainvillea usually found as bushes or ground cover... here lovely tree enhances Punta Gorda home landscaping 


  1. Theresa,

    Love the pictures....maybe once a week you could run and "scavenger hunt"....find the place in Punta Gorda and tweet where it is.....maybe even have people send you pics to use....something that is visible to the public.

    Prob no need for prize but just having fun.....

    Love and Light,

    aka ezduzit777

  2. Love this Idea, Richard! I will give it a try. Theresa

  3. nice shot Theresa...we seems to have the same and travel...appreciate your visit! keep blogging!


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